Persuasion The Easy Way

It Really Is That Easy

Now that you’ve discovered the secrets of the world’s wealthiest men and women, you’re probably wondering if it really is that easy. Could simple words really be your key to a fortune? Yes. It really is that easy. Most people will dismiss it, telling themselves that they need connections,  money, power, and an unlimited … Continue Reading ››

How to Remove Sales Hurdles

You’ve created an attention-grabbing headline and an opening sentence that sets people up to go down your “slippery slide” from paragraph to paragraph, right through your benefit-laden bullets, through your emotional and logical “arguments,” right down to where you prove your case. And yet as the reader goes through your copy, she is bound to have … Continue Reading ››

Pure Persuasion

How to Prove Your Case So far, you’ve crafted a letter that’s pulled the reader into the copy, right down to your list of benefits where you intend to do some hard-core selling. But let’s face it, in the back of your prospect’s mind, she’s probably saying, “Yeah right, this is too good to be true.” And … Continue Reading ››

Wealth Will Set You Free